Delivery Details:


Refill Delivery options:  

I have set out minimum purchases at which I will waive delivery charges.  This will vary with the distance driven.   The minimum purchase will apply to a whole trip- so if  I have 3 customers in an area and your purchases combine to exceed the minimum then no delivery charge!  So tell your friends and neighbors :)   I will also make every effort to organize other orders nearby, both so you aren't paying for delivery and I'm minimizing the environmental impact of my business.

See this link for Minimum purchases and distance of some neighborhoods from me:


Delivery Schedule:

........I don't really have one ;)

  • On average I do a South+ West trip one week, then a North+East trip the next week, adding on Central deliveries to either one as they come up

  • Basically if you need something, send me a message a week or so in advance, and I will reach out to my regular customers to recruit more orders for your area, this way I avoid having to charge for delivery!

  • If you live close to me (Southside-Macewan)  I really can be flexible as time and fuel costs will be negligible.

To Place an Order:

Simply email your order to me at:,

                              or text or call:  780-271-4992

​-Facebook messenger is also ok too!