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Covid-19 Safety Measures:


I have consulted with the local Public Health Unit regarding my procedures. I will be cleaning and sanitizing reused containers at home, and transporting them in a separate sealed container (which has also been disinfected).  I also wear a mask and either wash or sanitize my hands before handling sanitized jars or lids.

My work areas will be disinfected frequently  (with 1000ppm bleach) as will be other frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, pumps, scales, pens and calculators.


For Farmer’s Markets:

I am utilizing distancing more so than barriers to accomplish social distancing. To maintain social distancing, exchange of money and goods will happen via placement of items in bins on the table, and the salesperson/customer will simply back up to a safe distance while the other party deposits/retrieves their items.

To minimize contact and handling of cash, I have come up with several amounts of goods that you can order that come out to an exact dollar amount after tax.  To pay with cash, (exact change)  I will have a jar at the opposite end of the table from me, and you can simply deposit your cash into this jar. If you do require change, my float change will have been disinfected the day before.  I will not be using money taken from customers as change without disinfecting it.

Tables and touch points, such as order and cash hand off containers, pumps, scale, and door handles in the van,   will be wiped frequently with 1000 ppm sodium hypochlorite bleach solution.   When dispensing I will wear a mask.   I will either sanitize my hands or put on rubber gloves that have been sanitized with a bleach solution, before filing orders.

I also will not work if I am experiencing any symptoms such as fever, runny nose, sore throat or shortness of breath.


Hand Sanitizer will also be available at my table for customer use. Customers are discouraged from handling any items other than the hand sanitizer for customer use.

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