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Balancing Full Time Work, A side Business and whole bunch of other stuff.... Is it possible??

Well it has been a while since I've had time to write anything on here! I've been working full time since Christmas, and definitely struggling to find time for delivery trips, let alone posts to social media, blogs and what not.

To add to this all, we have recently decided to tear down my grandparent's old house on the family farm and build something new for my dad, while my brother his wife and two kids move into the larger house we grew up in. I'm going to be involved as I can in the whole process as I can as there's a lot to do.... getting everyone to communicate and work together as a team has been my biggest goal so far!

Experimenting around with less frequent delivery trips seems to be working alright so far. I haven't done the math yet but I think by doing larger trip less frequently I am going to cut down on fuel costs.

Products! What to carry? What not to carry? I'm trying to focus on my top selling products and get away from carrying too many things that don't sell well. The ironic thing is that usually as soon as I cedide to stop carrying something, someone is asking for it! Going to be testing things out in the next few months to see which products I can really do without!

Having good luck getting customers on the Green Cricket products, especially their refillable dish soap, (Citrus) laundry soap (Lavender) and hand soap (Citrus and coconut). Their Closed Loop system really appeals to me, and I really try to communicate the importance of that when Customers are choosing their refillable products.

Products on the horizon for EcoChick refills:

-Grin Toothbrush, Order to be placed later this month

- Razors from Henson Shaving.

..... have this one at home now and just mustering up the time and courage to try it out!

Somehow I have the great fortune that like minded zero waste businesses are searching me out !

A plastic free razor is definitely something that was on my list but probably isn't something I would

have gotten around to searching for myself for a while! Have to say this low waste razor looks great!

routine Natural Deodorant... still experimenting around with what scents I should carry. Blackberry Betty (Baking Soda Free) and Superstar are by far my top sellers, Followed closely by Sexy Sadie.

Oneka Shampoo, Conditioner and Body wash: Prices and shipping costs for me will be going up, which will be making these products a lot more difficult for me to keep stocked up on regularly :(

Oh and hiking... I still manage to be finding time to get out hike now and again-

thank goodness! Sometimes I think its the only thing that keeps me sane. That and reducing plastic waste haha ;)

Trails are starting to dry out finally

Now just to find a day to go outside when

it's not snowing!

The Razor is still in the box... When I do finally man up and try it you will be the first to know!

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