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Modifying plans with rising case numbers

Well past weeks have seen Rising Covid cases rise and I was no exception! Thankfully I am triple vaccinated and was able to report no symptoms at all, just a positive screening test at my other work.

So this meant postponing my Mobile Refill delivery trip until I was done my isolation period. Thankfully all my customers were super understanding, caring and supportive... though I do understand that some of you had to break down and buy yourself some deodorant elsewhere.... you gotta do what you gotta do!

With rising case numbers I have also having increasing customers who have tested positive or need to isolate for symptoms. I have decided to have a standard way of delivering in these cases in order to minimize risk to other customers and myself... Not taking of those customers containers into the van to refill, I will dispense their products into sanitized glass jars I have in the van, and leave everything on their steps contact free, payment via E transfer only.

EcoChick is all restocked for the Unscented Company dish tabs this week. These are one of the products that I try to never run out of, and I think this Christmas was the first time in a long time that I was out!

Also restocked for the Oneka Cedar Sage Shampoo, but was all out again by the end of last Saturdays delivery trip!

Happy to be getting more customers onto the Green Cricket Products, especially the Lavender laundry detergent and the Citrus Hand/Body wash. They are a lower waste alternative to the Attitude products I was previously carrying. I say previously carrying as I have decided not to stock these any more until the supplier comes up with a lower waste alternative (returnable tote or 10L bag in box). The 4L bag in a box just seemed to leave me with a bunch of extra plastic bags and plastic taps which did not feel very low waste to me at all! I have sent an email to attitude to let them know how I feel, though Not too sure they will care very much :/ Selling More products that use less plastic waste is a big goal for my mobile refillery this year, but it also requires having customers to be on board with my product switches.

Very happy to be done my isolation and out delivering refill to everyone in slightly warmer weather this week!

Getting these low waste products ready

for a customer having to Isolate.

Dishes don't stop when You're sick!

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