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More 2020 Market memories

Another favorite was the older gentleman next to me at Leduc farmer's Market trying to help me sell my products with his stellar showmanship " Have you washed your hair today ma'am? No? Well maybe you should."....” Do you like my hair? I use her shampoo!” Btw he didn’t really have much hair and didn’t use my shampoo, but was nonetheless very entertaining.

Though I did find some regular Customers at these Market (thank guys!) I really have to say that connecting with like minded Zero wasters over Facebook was a major turning point in my business, and this continues to be the major source of customer recruitment for me to date!

August 2020:

I finally got a few dates for the Fort Sask Farmer's Market late in August and connected with some regular customers there, this ended up being a very well run, and well attended market. I distinctly remember a local telling me to take a picture and post it so she could share it to some local groups... it was literally the worst pic I'd ever taken of myself and the Van, but I posted it anyway, thinking probably no one would see it. Not sure what happened, but somehow 5000 people saw that post... remains my most seen post to date!

The Lucy in the Sky Natural Deodorant from routine has been a real hit with customers, as well as the Oneka Lavender shampoo.

One thing I am really struggling with (and will likely keep struggling with for as long as I have this business) is what to carry and how much to stock. Sometimes I have people asking about a product all the time, so I bring in it, then go several months without selling any at all.

Sept 2020:

I have one more month of outdoor farmer’s markets left and the crowds are really starting to dwindle.

I have started getting some regular requests for home deliveries and am managing to fit these in on the way to my markets. I had one really strong day at Miller Crossing as it was going be my last Northside Market of the year so Lots of refillers came out...if only I had brought more conditioner and was faster and pumping- Thanks for waiting guys!

At the end of the month I will take a road trip to Vernon to see family and have a bit of a break. While there I get some great new products (again ones I was already using myself) the Pain be Gone Muscle Rub and Bar soaps from Back to Earth. These were all made only a few minutes up the road from where my mom was born and raised!

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