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Who’s idea was it to do mobile refills in -30 Celsius anyway?

Well To put it mildly, the past couple of weeks have been a real challenge for me while out delivering. Between the horrible roads and just plain Frigid temperatures, I have been seriously contemplating my sanity in starting up this business! Last delivery trip it was -32 Celsius! Now that I pretty much have a full time job, I can’t be as flexible as I once was with my delivery dates…and frankly when its closer than -20 for 3 weeks straight, wtf are you going to do anyway??? Tell everyone to just go buy their shampoo somewhere else?

Just crank the heat while I’m driving, keep the doors closed as much as possible, and make sure there’s going to be someone home to bring things in before they freeze! People do need their refills for Shampoo, dish soap and Body lotion, and routine Natural Deodorant- its not like we stop using those things when it gets cold, So I just suck it up and take the van out and try to focus on the number of plastic bottles we’re keeping out of landfills!

The plastic free Locally made body Butter I just started stocking has been super popular, which is not surprising given this weather! Also new here are lip balms in compostable packaging.

Super grateful for everyone who keeps supporting my business and buying ecofriendly, Canadian made refillable products, even if I don’t always feel like actually delivering it to them;)

All this snow is great for snowshoeing but not so great for driving the van in!

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