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EcoChick Refills: This is 40

And yet another Blog post explaining why I have been super busy with just about everything except this business :/

Its been a busy Summer where I managed to still get a lot of "me activities" in and (hopefully!) still managed to get you guys your refills when you needed them.

I 've just spent the past few weeks having a great end to my summer ringing in my 40th (2 parties, one down at the river at the farm for my highshool friends (and kids and dogs lol) and the other up on a mountian in Radium..... a mountian I've had my eye on for years - The Judge :)

Now that Summer's coming to a close I'm having a little more time to focus on the business, I imagine some of you will be happy to hear that!

I managed to spend a little time updating the website this morning, a few changes:

1) Attitude products will no longer be carried until they come up with a lower waste format (either 10L bag in box or closed loop system to be more specific) a few people have been dissapointed but also respect my descision at the same time

2) I'll only be carrying one scent for the Jack59 conditioner bar-Energize, as I sell so few of the others. There will also be one or two people dissapointed, but I guess I will have to live with that, lol.

3) Prices have gone up on the Jack59 bars and Earths Laundry strips

Next Green cricket order is on the horizon, just waiting to run out of a few more things first!

Still glad to see all my regular customers sticking around as well as new people hopping on board in spite of all my slacking and everything that's going on with the economy right now :) You guys are awesome!

From the top of the Judge

Photo credit: Nathaniel Rossol

Serious building project at the river

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