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Why I’m changing Ecochick Mobile refills

Many of you have met me at some point, some may have just spoken to me via text or messenger. Few of you probably have the entire picture of what is going on and I’m sure you all have many questions. There are actually many reasons why I have chosen to stop doing Mobile refills and here they are:

  1. This Tiny Body is getting old and just wasn’t made to drive a Huge Van or lift 20L cubes!

  2. Aforementioned Tiny Body also has aging parents and increased responsibilities on the Family farm that I have decided are more important

  3. I already have a full time job at a Pharmacy…. This takes a lot of my energy already!

  4. Though I have managed to be quite thrifty and innovative with the business, for me personally, it has not been generating enough profit to justify the space it occupies in my life, in terms of time, space and energy.

  5. I am really looking forward to parking my personal vehicle in my heated parking spot, instead of that big old beast I only drive once a month!

  6. I want to have more time to spend being a crazy Aunty and doing backcountry trips with friends.

I want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement so far, and I will still try to provide you with a way to reduce your plastic waste, by being your source for ordering in bulk products to set up your own home refill station, once I stop doing Mobile Refills!

Onions were big this year!

Hiking Mount Baldy with my Nephew

Trout I caught in the Backcountry this summer

Everything here except the mushrooms was grown on our farm!

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